Our Wines

In the last 10 years, we have had the privilege of seeing our wines being acclaimed on the international scene, accumulating more than 500 medals and awards. This extraordinary recognition is testament to the tireless dedication and exceptional craftsmanship that we infuse into every bottle at Bodegas Ignacio Marín.

garnacha blanca Ignacio Marín


The story of a family told in four wines.


A wine that takes the experience to new heights, capturing the magic of our vineyards closest to the sky.

garnacha blanca Ignacio Marín

Campo Marín

Defined as our classics, these wines represent the timeless essence of Ignacio Marín’s winemaking tradition. Enjoy an experience that transcends time and is consolidated as the very essence of our winery.

Campo Marín Crianza
Viña Ángela Gran Reserva

Viña Ángela

Each bottle of Viña Angela stands out among our collections as special editions of distinction.

Wine Wings

Discover a selection of groumet wines, which highlight the virtues of each variety through wines with complex flavours.

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