Our History

Fachada Bodega Ignacio Marín

From its roots in Cariñena in 1903, Bodegas Ignacio Marín is a jewel in the family’s wine heritage. Founded by D. Ignacio Marín, our legacy has been woven over the years, generation after generation, making us a family business with an unwavering dedication to making wines of the highest quality and to the careful cultivation of our vineyards.

The essence of Ignacio Marín lies in the meticulous work that emanates from the vineyard, with the affection and knowledge transmitted over time. Our founder, Mr. Ignacio Marín, marked the beginning of a path that has led our wines to conquer palates on five continents.

Our History

Ignacio Marín Family

Fachada letrero Bodega Ignacio Marín

Each generation of the family has brought its skills and experience to this arduous process, from the selection of the grapes to the expert vinification and careful ageing. This work is reflected in every bottle that leaves our cellars.

Our History

We are proud to share our story through the dedication, passion and craftsmanship of each wine. Each bottle of Bodegas Ignacio Marín is a time capsule, showing the family legacy and the winemaking tradition that has made us what we are today.

s.III b.C
Land with the soul of wine
Wine origins

Wine mixed with honey was already produced and drunk in Cariñena.

century XVI a.C
Our legacy
Our Heritage

Early written documents confirm that our family was engaged in the cultivation of vines.

Our beginnings

Bodegas Ignacio Marín is founded, marking the beginning of our winemaking history.

Bridge between cultures
Export pioneers

José Ignacio Marín (third generation) was a pioneer in exporting to China and other Asian markets.

International expansion
Export Award
Best winery in Aragon

Award for Best Winery in Aragon, highlighting our commitment to quality.

Renewal and growth
Fachada Bodega Ignacio Marín
Logotipo Ignacio Marín
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